” quality effect ” 4D theme tourist attraction publicizes the brigade with an appreciation holographic universe

 California big United States (Great America) pleasure ground is 4D now ” quality effect ” the tourist attraction released a new propagandist video. Before the basis authoritative information, this is one calls quality effect: The brigade of the Jing Song of new world, be called to be the brigade with holographic 4D. So the government so what meaning is flicker after all? The video below watchs in light of.

It is in video so say: Welcome everybody to take the quality effect of pleasure ground of California big United States: New world, here everybody can become a searcher. If you are enough the word of bravery, prepare a be personally on the scene please, span the brigade with the holographic 4D of the galaxy.

According to official Twitter description, tourist attraction of this quality effect still has the biggest 3D LED on the world to display screen, spring is open this year. In addition, the former word when be being announced the earliest in September 2015 according to the government, this second itinerary will bring first visitor kind experience, in taking the setting in series game and part reality, come.

Passengers will be ascended use feeling seat, wear 3D glasses, do not have with vision of 3D of second for generations seam interactive. Besides using feeling seat, this itinerary still have high-tech acoustics and other 4D effect.

In fact the pleasure ground of the 2nd game that this is EA, besides ” quality effect ” outside, still have ” corpse of plant big f[……]

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Force bully screen! Perfect ” big dictate of the whole people ” presiding exposure of dirt of male god herd

Herd, namely the meaning; dirt of regnant, director, namely subcelestial, human society. Mu Chen this name, it is the meaning of regnant this world originally. Ideal world hand in hand the dazzle of 3D float sky that giant silkworm potato makes meticulously fights a hand to swim ” big dictate of the whole people ” , now first to everybody exposure the boundless universe Mu Chen of the first male god. Super- strong erupt, go against day of output, for the player of battle of close to liking body, charge forward, ” big dictate of the whole people ” in the limit explodes hairstyle Mu Chen is them not 2 choices.

As the first male god of the be worthy of in the novel, mu Chen rises from boreal clever institute, all the way can weighs a beauty countless. God of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces a group of things with common features the Wen Qingxuan of Li of empress the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces, sexy nobility, charming is spruce but the person’s Tang Qian, be opposite in succession he fragrant heart is dark make. Heroes of such a teenager, besides armed strength ruse, yan Zhi nature also is to have assure. In ” big dictate of the whole people ” the hand swims in, one banquet flower establishs Mu Chen angrily neckline gown, the black white with extremely strong antagonism fastens joint of photograph of as complex as his one’s life experience, cooperate to be full of a metal to pledge the manipulator of feeling is covered, highlight Mu Chen the[……]

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Zhengzhou 90 hind undergraduate ball-pen makes a picture be admired by assist Jing the netizen expresses genuflect

Recently, a group of draw are nodded by netizen transmit in succession on small gain assist, nevertheless, most those who make person Jing colourful is, actually a 90 undergraduates after come out this group of work with ball-pen picture. To this, a lot of netizens express genuflect.

It is reported, the author of the picture is called Shi Xin, a be university of water and electricity of China north irrigation works big 4 students, he what was born 1993 is a model 90 hind, like street dance, like music, travel also is holiday necessary.

And the experience that he learns to draw, also just just 6 years of time, make a picture as to ball-pen, it is oneself interest completely, had not accepted professional guidance.

In Shi Xin’s paint, the brushwork of ball-pen held huge one part, it is for the word that uses him: Ball-pen picture is to me exercise staying power not 2 choices, at the same time I also very the process that enjoys picture ball-pen to draw. Because I think ball-pen picture is all pictures,plant one of li of painterly forms that provide artistic attainment most, so I all the time very strokes of favour Yu Yuanzhu.


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IOS head was sent on June 1! ” balefire king division ” fair measure date formal exposure

Last week 5, netease game on 2016 year news briefing, netease and the country that are proud world hall combines research and development war strategy hand swims ” balefire king division ” (Slg.163.com) IOS leaves measure date exposure, IOS on this year formal on June 1 a hair, install Zhuo Ye to will meet with the player in June.

Netease issues De Wei of chief inspector Zheng, link interviews to divulge after the news briefing ” balefire king division ” IOS is fair measure time: Channel test ended at the beginning of this month, a hair date of IOS be in surely on June 1. Doing final burnish at present, meet formally with the player next month.

This SLG work, country battle atmosphere dense, the game world outlook of particular better troops and simpler administration weighs politic, light construction, heavy dilate, light plunder, held to be proud the marrow of SLG of world hall old brand. Classical country war plays a way, daily and fixed time issues order, the player cooperates each other, attack and defence city, different map, blast model, fierce general, derive distinctive additional kind of tactics, borrow arms, alliance, real time make a decision, tactics is unpredicatable, special burn a brain. Compare game of traditional SLG of subject matter of the Three Kingdoms, ” balefire king division ” more agile and changeful strategy lets add up to Zong Lianheng to provide a challenge more, war devises clever strategies mediumly, between advance and retreat of gain and loss,[……]

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Curtilage female infestation! Japanese female undergraduate goes out amuse oneself unexpectedly popular drive dresses up curtilage

We constant fix definitely curtilage really disgusting, be in most place at least, corrupt curtilage the group is denounced by everybody all the time, although broad curtilage people does not think what this has, but at ordinary times outside, of we or the crowd that see drive dresses up curtilage rarely. Nevertheless, the street of the closest Japan is however curtilage female infestation, accompany gives the female undergraduates that often can see a flock of drive dress up curtilage row. Original, the Japanese female undergraduate nowadays goes out amuse oneself unexpectedly popular drive dresses up curtilage!

Before the female undergraduate original intention of a lot of Japan is wearing his high school to subdue, once went to Dishinile garden amuse oneself, also be the time that allows oneself to look for a high school to be lost in Dishinili, the girl knight that when having, in Tokyo Dishinili sees dress is subdued is an undergraduate more very, nevertheless uniform of high school of this kind of dress goes Dishini had become a kind between Japanese young student to secure a road. As the youth especially the student always hopes to do sth unconventional or unorthodox of extraordinary, and do sth unconventional or unorthodox for pursuit namely female undergraduate original intention plays the part of a lot of new Japan now drive curtilage figure, wearing babushka to wear grid unlined upper garment to be being carried on the back greatly satchel, go out with this kind of[……]

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E3 offers ” final illusion 12HD: 12 palace century ” PS4 tries play edition

Japanese SquareEnix announces formally yesterday to will roll out PS4 exclusive game 2017 ” final illusion 12HD: 12 palace century ” , this making is PS2 platform big reputable reputable ” final illusion 12 ” the work of high-definition evolution, american SquareEnix also released pertinent information today, affirmatory still meeting exhibits those who offer this making to try in E3 game play edition.

Like Japanese area, beautiful edition PS4 ” final illusion 12HD: 12 palace century ” also will appear on the market 2017, because day of ounce has been collected to plant in day edition,perhaps be of speech reason, because this develops the work,can not increase a lot of.

Besides the information that published yesterday, in the press release of American SquareEnix, the PS4 that this company still affirms this ” final illusion 12HD: 12 palace century ” will join adjudgement mode, the player will be in this mode fight continuously with strange animal 100.


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