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Angelica the edible method with this kind of common medicinal material is to carry bubble water or the practice of Bao soup, we can choose Bao boiling water chicken of the angelica black that stew or angelica stews a pigeon. The angelica pigeon that stew is a kind of more nourishing food, because one columbine touch 3 chicken, dove is to belong to more nourishing feed capable person, compare frail friend to the body, can eat a few angelica to stew a pigeon, can have the effect that restores to stimulative body, everybody can learn its way.

Angelica stews a pigeon

The practice that ginseng angelica stews columbine flesh is detailed measure

1.Breast is columbine blow clean, go splanchnic, crural claw, 5 minutes of; are boiled in rolling water

2.Take out super-cooling water;

3. PersonFall in love with the sea

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Join abluent section;

4.Red jujube is abluent go nuclear;

5.Angelica, ginger is abluent;

6.Put each stuff into the handleless cup that stew, add roll water slow fire to stew 3 hours;

7.Put salt to flavor for using.

The practice that ginseng angelica stews columbine flesh small stick person

Angelica stews a pigeon
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Healthy clew:

1.Gas blood two empty, menstrual capacity is much, drench drop is endless, counted in January second, the head is swimmy, body empty is fed little. The pathogeny of uterine bleeding, empty has solid;

2.This Shang Bu gas photographs regulate the menstrual function of blood, regulating blood condition. Ginseng fills greatly vigour,

Make lienal flourishing and restore its ” all blood ” authority, achieve stop collapseLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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purpose. Angelica enrichs the blood regulate the menstrual function. Breast is columbine benefiting taste, the source of heart’s-blood of as a way of, can make soup smell nice again, alleviation ginseng, the small suffering of angelica.

Food photograph overcomes:

Ginseng: Ginseng is unfavorable take together with tea, turn over Li Lu, 5 spirit of Wei fat, evil Chinese honey locust, bittern is alkaline, black soya bean, move amethyst,

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Squeaker nutrition analyses:

Columbine flesh flavour smooth, avirulent; has salty, sex the action of nourishing liver kidney, can fill gas blood, ; of pus of the platoon that hold poison in the palm is usable in order to treat evil sore, long ill empty wins, the disease such as disappear thirsty. Often eat can make the body able-bodied, clear lung arranges gas. Inquietude of weak to kidney empty body, mind, children grows, the person that physical strength overdraws all has effect. The bone with columbine breast is embedded and rich1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Cartilage element, often feed can add skin flexibility, improve haemal circulation. Lacteal columbine meat contains a more catenary amino acid and acid of ammonia of essence of life, can promote the protein synthesis inside body, accelerate traumatic heal.

Angelica stews a pigeon

Squeaker suits a crowd:

Average person but edible.

Suit kidney empty style particularly inquietude of weak, mind, children grows, edible of the person that physical strength overdraws.

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