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Many people are preferred between the life eat dried small shrimps, dried small shrimps and common prawn are different, differ from mouthfeel and nutrient value above all, the flavour of general dried small shrimps is relative delicious, mouthfeel is very good also, the mainest is nutrient value very tall also, general dried small shrimps is eating basically is a fried dish above the law, bao soup when put on a bit, and pregnant woman eats dried small shrimps to still can fill more calcic, the assimilation that conduces to the body and absorb.

How does dried small shrimps have filling calcium pregnant woman

Leek of dried small shrimps scrambles egg


Leek, dried small shrimps, egg, edible oil, salt, white sugar


1. leek picks Laoxie, abluent those who cut 1cm to grow is broken. Abluent drop does dried small shrimps. The egg adds right amount salt to flavor, use chopstick break up

2. adds a bit Bai Sha candy in the egg of break up

3. adds a few small spoon in the egg of break up water

4. puts dried small shrimps and the leek that had cut into divide evenly of the agitate in egg fluid

5. bowl burns heat, put oil to burn to about 7 become heat

6. pours fluid of egg of leek of dried small shrimps into boiler, when egg fluid begins to want to condense, use a chopstick quickly egg fluid agitate1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Lump, continue to break up fry a little while, egg fluid is complete and caky can give boiler

How does dried small shrimps have filling calcium pregnant woman

Garlic sweet dried small shrimps


Unripe bask in dried small shrimps, garlic powder, do chili, salt, gallinaceous essence, candy

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Abluent, garlic pats 1. dried small shrimps broken cut end, dry chili to cut into shreds.

2. boiler is medium an oil, to 5 garlic powder and chili end fall to break up when becoming heat fry to give sweet smell.

3. is entered abluent the dried small shrimps that accuses dry water is fried together, the process is used in small fire receives the moisture in dried small shrimps slowly dry.

4. joins essence of a few salt, chicken, candy to flavor finally can.

Xiao hang

The dried small shrimps that I use is what do not increase saline share is natural unripe bask in dried small shrimps, fry so make should issue salt to flavor finally, if be the common gules ripe boiling dried small shrimps that buys on the market, the sort of volume that contain salt is very high, do not play salt again, can flavor with every bits of candy.

Nutrition analyses:

1.Contain in dried small shrimps rich protein and mineral, especially calcic content is very rich, have ” of ” calcic library say, be filling calcium of the person that be short of calcium relatively beautiful way;

2.Rich magnesian element is contained in dried small shrimps, magnesium has important adjustment to heart activity action, can protect cardiovascular system well, can reduce the cholesterol content in blood, straighten dead to have certain effect to preventing arteriosclerosis, hypertension and cardiac muscle;

3.Dried small shrimps still has calm effect, commonly used will treat function of nerve of neurasthenic, plant to wait for disease mussily;

4.Old people often feeds dried small shrimps, because be short of the osteoporosis of calcic be caused by,can prevent oneself; A few dried small shrimps are put in the meal of old people, to rising appetite is mixed enhance a constitution to have profit very much.

How does dried small shrimps have filling calcium pregnant woman

Dish chest egg (edition of dried small shrimps)


Egg green of 50g of 3 dish chest 2 branches dried small shrimps a few of any of several hot spice plants of Bai Hu of crisp a few of 1 small oily green too whitening (can save) milk of 1 small spoon (can save) rice wine of 1 big spoon (can save) 1 small spoon


Dish chest adds water a little mincing end, green cuts scour off after portion of a bit salt the drop after rice wine of bubble of end, dried small shrimps is dry

The egg joins chopped green onion, too break up of whitening, milk, rice wine comes hubble-bubble having a place (too whitening makes an egg fleeciness, milk is soft tender, rice wine goes egg raw meat or fish, these 3 can Jiakebujia)

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Hot pot is cheered, after frying chest of sweet dried small shrimps, dish first, join oily green crisp reach Bai Hu any of several hot spice plants (can foretaste flavour, inspect need to add bit of day type soy or salt again)

fluid of egg of chopped green onion1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Drench go up, turn bowl levels

When egg fluid condenses a bit, when egg skin also can turn, can search an area, extend scoop into the center of boiler, search an area at a heat (or receive with dish again slippery into boiler but) , decoct arrives double-faced and golden OK

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