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Chicken is a kind of very common flesh kind food, its nutrient value is very high, with other flesh kind opposite, the protein content of chicken is higher, but adipose content is very low, so a lot of a lot people are met edible chicken. Often the immune power that edible chicken can enhance human body, enhance the person’s physical strength and digestible energy power. The practice of chicken is very much, light method is the delicious flavour that the method that uses boiled in clear soup will come to withhold chicken normallyA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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The light method of chicken

The nutrient value of chicken

1. chicken and pork, beef is compared, its protein content is higher, adipose content is inferior. In addition, human body is contained a lot ofin chicken protein must amino acid, the pattern of amino acid chart in its content and egg breast is very similar, because this is high grade eggForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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The origin that pledges in vain. Skin of place, belt mixes the protein content basis of chicken not to take a skin and have a difference, from tall after all flesh of the chicken that sort is flay roughly, chest, thigh meat. The fat with chicken skin much existence kind material, cannot regard the chicken that takes a skin as low caloric food absolutely so.

2. chicken also is the good origin of phosphor, iron, copper and zinc, and contain a lot ofD of A of rich vitamin B12, vitamin B6, vitamin, vitamin and vitamin K wait.

The fat of 3. chicken kind material and beef, pork is compared, contain more not saturated fatty acid — linoleic acid and flax acid, can reduce the content of the cholesterol of low density lipoprotein with adverse to health human body.

The edible effect of chicken

1. enhances physical power

The digestive rate of chicken is high, be absorbed very easily to use by human body, have the effect that enhances physical strength, strong body.

Essence of 2. filling kidney

The pee that because kidney essence is not worth place to bring about,can alleviate little choice of frequent, deaf, choice is cold wait for a symptom.

The light method of chicken

3. enhances digestible energy power

Have fight oxidation and particular alexipharmic action. Improving aspect of development of intelligence of heart brain function, stimulative children, it is better to have more makeShanghai Long Feng forum

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4. enhances immune power of the person

Day of modern society culmination is busy, often be in inferior the white-collar of health had better eat more a few, in order to enhance immune power, reduce sicken odds. Chicken has Wen Zhongyi gas, filling essence to fill the effect of caustic of the five internal organs of pith, beneficial, filling empty, use at treating empty fatigue emaciated, medium empty feeds heart-throb of dizziness of little, have loose bowels, menstruation to be not moved, postpartum breast the symptom such as thirsty of little, disappear, oedema.

The light method of chicken

Chicken of earth of 1 boiled in clear soup

Raw material

Green, ginger, garlic, dry chili, aniseed, medlar.


1, after earthy chicken has been killed, analyse abdomen, abluent;

2, ; of earthy chicken stripping and slicing

The light method of chicken

3, right amount oil is put inside boiler, oily heat enters Jiang Pian, green paragraph, boiler of dry chili boil in water for a while, boil in water for a while gives fragrance to put gallinaceous piece to break up fry,

4, will gallinaceous piece breaks up fry dichotomy bell, join right amount soy and makingsLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Wine, break up fry;

5, join right amount salt, break up fry dichotomy bell;

6, the; in immigrant report stewpan

7, join right amount clear water and medlar, turn to Gao Huo, stew two hours; slow

8, gustation is tasted to before giving boiler, mix up is salty fade out of boiler.

Chicken of carrot of corn of 2 green melon is fried

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Corn bead 250 grams, shallot, cucumber, chicken 250 grams, carrot one root


1. cuts all sorts of vegetable into Xiaoding

2. chicken cuts man, size

3. fries boiler to burn heat to put oil, gallinaceous man breaks up fry bleach

4. is put into all sorts of vegetable man to break up fry

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5. water is amylaceous, add salt, piece boiler

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