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In living at ordinary times, gallinaceous wing is very common feed capable person, the nutrition in gallinaceous wingShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Material is very rich, often eat gallinaceous wing to be able to strengthen blood-vessel and cutaneous flexibility not only, and still have to the person’s skin nurse very well action, wing eating chicken still can enhance body immunity power of the person, it is rife to healthy gain, gallinaceous wing at ordinary times having a way also is rife, can fry eat, OK still bittern is worn eat, what gallinaceous wing introduces below is correct have a way.

Of gallinaceous wing what to eat a law correctly to have?

The practice of stew chicken wing 1: Wing of chicken of oyster sauce stew

Advocate makings: Type of gallinaceous wing, oyster sauce, peaceful is sweet thick chili sauce, salt, unripe smoke.


1, gallinaceous wing abluent. Delimit with the penknife a few blade, facilitate bloat be soiled tasty.

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2, join sweet thick chili sauce. Add right amount oyster sauce. Add a few to be born again smoke, salt, break up together mix even. Bloat be soiled 2 hours of above. Should break up among mix a few times.

3, bloat the gallinaceous wing of be soiled tasty puts electric pressure cooker. Again bloat the sauce of be soiled falls into boiler. Choose the flesh kind key, go up after vapour, stew makes 10 minutes, can shut.

4, after pressure release, outfit giving boiler dish can go up desk savour.

Of gallinaceous wing what to eat a law correctly to have?

Wing of chicken of oyster sauce stew is small stick person

1, sweet without peaceful type thick chili sauce, can manage with tomato sand, but flavour inferiors to prepare a bit.

2, bloat freezer also can be put when be soiled, many somes of time is better.

3, sweet thick chili sauce and oyster sauce dosage 1: 1 OK, salt wants a few less: With unripe transfer stick consistency.

The practice of stew chicken wing 2: Wing of chicken of Xianggu mushroom stew

1, prepare all feeding material. Gallinaceous wing is ironed with boiled water scald too cool reserve. Xianggu mushroom shifts to an earlier date bubble is soft abluent cut, green ginger is cutForum of Shanghai night net

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2, fry boiler to pour oil to explode sweet leaf of garlic of sweet green ginger and aniseed. Break up into gallinaceous wing fry moment to become angry to gallinaceous wing.

3, drenching cooking wine goes out sweetFall in love with the sea

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. Join unripe smoke. Join fish sauce. Rejoin often is smoked break up fry even.

4, join right amount clear water and white sugar. Conflagration is boiled in small fire builds stew to burn 10 minutes. Continue 15 minutes into Xianggu mushroom and agaric next.

5, Shang Zhikuai is dry join Qing Gongjiao and salt. Drench water is amylaceous. Drench balm. Break up fry involve fire equably.

The small doohickey of wing of chicken of Xianggu mushroom stew: Gallinaceous wing is very easy ripe, so in small fire stew burns about 20 minutes or so can. If do not have fish sauce,usable oyster sauce is replaced. Salt is put again finally, because of Xianggu mushroom very flavour suction salt, put early Xianggu mushroom will be very salty.

Of gallinaceous wing what to eat a law correctly to have?

The effect of gallinaceous wing and action

Chicken sex is smooth, gentle and flavour pleasant, into taste classics; but the beneficial gas, filling essence, ; that add pith is used at empty fatigue emaciated, medium empty feeds dizziness of little, have loose bowels palpitation, seminal emission, menstruation is not moved, postpartum breast frequency of number of thirsty of little, disappear, oedema, pee and deaf tinnitus.

1, improve the health

The digestive rate of chicken is higher, be absorbed very easily by human body, can enhance physical strength, strong body.

2, raise immunity force

The everybody in modern society every day busy, often be in a kind inferior the white-collar of health had better eat more a few, in order to enhance immune force and the odds that reduce sicken. Chicken has Wen Zhongyi gas, filling essence to fill the effect of the five internal organs of pith, beneficial and filling empty caustic, can use at treating empty fatigue emaciated, medium empty feeds heart-throb of dizziness of little, have loose bowels, menstruation to be not moved, postpartum breast reachs the symptom such as oedema less.

3, filling kidney essence

The pee that because kidney essence is not worth place to bring about,can alleviate little choice of frequent, choice is cold wait for a symptom.

4, hairdressing

Photograph of the wing in chickenFall in love with the sea

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To wing tip and wing root, its collagen protein content is rich, to maintaining skin burnish, addShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Strong skin flexibility all has profit greatly.

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