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It is better that because beef close fact chews interest so,beef and pork rise quite, and also do not have pork feeling of in that way fat be bored with. And if be in the process of the beef that make cannot very good go the word of raw meat or fish, put possibly in the smell of mutton of a beef. But use beef and Chinese cabbage stew the word that make together not only can very good stew beef sodden, and the taste that also can develop a Chinese cabbage. But what is the practice of beef Chinese cabbage?

Beef Chinese cabbage

Place needs to feed capable person

Advocate makings 180 grams beef 200 grams Chinese cabbage

Burden 2, salt of vermicelli made from bean starch of 3 chili a few

The method that make

Water of 1 beef change. Chinese cabbage is abluent.

2 vermicelli made from bean starch put the bubble in boiled water soft

3 beef are stewed first extremely 8 maturity

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4 all material are put into stew in boiler

Beef Chinese cabbage

Edible notice

The content of methyl aminoacetic acid in 1. beef is higher than any other food, this makes it right growth muscle, enhance power particularly effective. The head that having training in a few seconds, methyl aminoacetic acid is the source of muscle fuel, it can complement effectively adenosine of 3 phosphoric acid, make training can hold to more for a long time thereby.

2. protein demand is bigger, the vitamin B6 that the place in food should increase is more. Beef contains enough vitamin B6, can help you enhance immune power, promote protein metabolism and synthesis, conduce to what insecurity trains body of the back of a person restoring thereby.

Poison of the flesh in 3. chicken, cruelly oppress is alkaline the content with methyl aminoacetic acid is very low, beef however1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Content is very high. Fleshy poison is alkaline basically use at supporting adipose metabolism, generation pays chain amino acid, it is pair of body building member a kind of of main effect amino acid since growth muscle.

Beef Chinese cabbage

4. Potassium is most athlete what lack quite in food is mineral. Small conference controls the standard of potassium protein synthesis and grow the generation of hormone, affect sarcous to grow thereby. Protein contains a lot ofin beef: 4 ounce thin tenderloin can produce the protein with 22 top-ranking grams.

Adipose content is very low in 5. beef, but contain a lot ofcombinative linoleic acid however, these potential antioxidant can defy the weight lifting organization that creates in motion is injured effectively. Additional, linoleic acid still can maintain muscle piece as antioxidant.

6. zinc is additionally one kind of antioxidant that conduces to synthetic protein, stimulative muscle growing. Joint action of zinc and glutamine and vitamin B6, can enhance immune system. The synthesis that magnesium supports protein, increaseShanghai noble baby

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Muscle strength, more important is to be able to improve the efficiency with anabolic insulin.

7. iron is to buildFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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What blood needs is mineral. Form contrast with the has pity on less iron content in chicken, fish, turkeyLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Yes, in beef rich1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Contain iron to pledge.

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