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We know female friend is in period when, the body is frailer, this phase is to should want to eat a few food that enrich the blood more, and want an attention avoid to contact cold water, the wholesome issue that becomes good period, and the food of period is very important, can drink the symptom of the link period such as honey, because honey has diminish inflammation and hairdressing to raise colour the effect, can increase the body strength of period.

Will menstruation can eat honey

On our commodity, a lot of added natural honey part. Honey to female friend also be advantage is great, can alleviate for instance toxin of constipation, eduction, hairdressing is raised colour etc. Also a lot of females can drink honey water in menstruation. We know, classics of female forthcoming month when be to want particularly exquisite food, so, forthcoming month period is OKShanghai night net

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Eat honey? We look together.

Will menstruation can eat honey

Forthcoming month period is OKShanghai Long Feng forum

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Drink honey

1, if the female is during go by, the hot milk conduce that 1 cup drinks to add honey before sleeping every night alleviates period symptom. Its reason is the rich magnesium in the rich Potassium in milk and honey, can alleviate mood, have ease abdominal pain, prevent to affect, reduce the effect such as classics blood quantity.

2, honey still has the alexipharmic, a lot of function that fights bacterium, antiphlogistic, moist, anticorrosive, protection to achieve face, stimulative rejuvenesce and ooze fluid to absorb, honey contains the nutrition such as rich dextrose, protein, vitamin, organic acid, amino acid and pollen to becomeFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Cent, quantity of heat very low, be helpful for increasing hepatic and alexipharmic capacity not only, and still have the effect such as be good at stomach, aid digestion.

3, period should notice heat preservation, and honey also belongs to hot sex, still have avoidingSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Cool drench suffers cold stimulation. Do not want ford or enter the waterForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Swim. Or sit in damp, shady and cool and the air channel mouth of air conditioning, electric fan. Also do not wash a foot with cool bath bath, lest cause period maladjusted.

Will menstruation can eat honey

Female period drinks honey note

Female period in this special period, normally the female’s resistance can drop, easy exhaustion, huffish, internal system is waited a moment mussily, honey often OK and effective adjustment body function, abigail sex can spend this paragraph of period healthily. Honey cent is a lot of kinds, some honey are lukewarm sex, and some honey are cool sex, the honey female friend of lukewarm sex is drinkable in period, but if be the word of cool sex honey,may make classics blood not easy eduction and cause other symptoms. General the honey of cool sex is nectar of honey of the rhizome of Chinese goldthread, pagoda tree, chaste tree nectar, honey of Chinese milk vetch, rape honey, mother chrysanthemum honey, consequently female friend is choosing to must notice more.

Above is small make up the introduction to be able to drink honey about forthcoming month period photograph inside Shanghaiguan was allowed. Anyhow, honey water has a lot of profit to the female, in period also butShanghai Long Feng forum

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With drinking water of a few honey appropriately. Nevertheless, honey water is being drunk in period is to have cultured, everybody still should take honey water correctly.

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