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Gem gal is the balance ability that will exercise a person through various movements, the harmonious sex of flexibility and body. Gem gal has a lot of kinds of movements to comprise, every kinds of movement undertakes taking exercise in the light of different position, have the level that makes every kinds of motion only, ability obtains the order that exercises this place quiteShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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, the movement with gem the most classical gal also is most effectual is moved1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Make. Teach everybody the classical motion of 26 kinds of gem gal next.

26 gem gal are classical movement

type stands deep breathing

Action: Enlarge vital capacity, enhance a loop, prepare for the exercise below!

The 2nd type half moon type

Action: Get up steam, extend rachis, correct wrong attitude, strengthen lumbar line, coxal, ham, enhance kidney function.

Type of clumsiness of the 3rd type

Action: Strong ham, crus, coxal muscle, extend hip joint, to the back below alleviation ache and interverbebral disc stress the help with have certain.

Bird of the 4th type king type

26 gem gal are classical movement

Action: Raise the body balance, harmonious with dedicated ability. Eliminate lower limbs over adipose, prevent and eliminate crus muscle convulsion.

The 5th type stands the head hits genu formula

Action: Raise attention, patient, the ability of decision, tighten up abdomen and ham muscle, beneficial sciatic, extend follows tendon, bladebone.

The 6th type stands the type that pull an old unit of length for measuring land

Action: Stimulative blood circulates, improve heart lungs function, make blood sufficient flow direction is splanchnic with gland body, promote healthy; Increase the capacity of attention, patient, decision. Able-bodied abdomen reachs ham. Tighten up ministry of the upper arm, coxa and coxal muscle. Improve summerly north and whole body major sarcous flexibility and force.

Soldier of the 7th type the 3rd type

Action: Increase the balance capacity of the body.

The 8th type stands1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Leg establishing cent extend type

Action: Muscle of the side after extend ham and the ligament that follow tendon. Promote the function of body of abdominal viscera gland, improve constipation, sciatica, make rachis more agile

The 9th type trigonometry type

Action: Be beneficial to the body every are body of muscle, articulatory, gland, splanchnic. This is a the most important pose that enhances hip joint and side waist extend and power. But cut waistline, strong triceps, inclined square flesh, pectoralis major.

The 10th type stands the head that divide a leg touchs knee type

Action: Reduce abdomen, waist, coxa, buttock, ham redundant adipose. Extend ligament of the side after pulling ham.

Type of eleventh type tree

26 gem gal are classical movement

Action: Strengthen muscle of leg ministry, back, bosom. Increase balance feeling and dedicated capacity, correct undesirable posture, prevent hernia.

Dozenth type foot1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Needle type

Action: This type can make you richer and patient. The effect with also have the gout that ministry of genu, ankle, foot can treat on the body, rheumatism, better to haemorrhoid.

Thirteenth type lies on his back type

Action: Make blood returns to normal circularly, the body is loosened completely. Want after every movement nextShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Make this gesture.

The 14th type divides wind type

Action: Massage abdomen is splanchnic, strengthen abdominal muscle, improve constipation, purify stomach ministry bilges gas.

Sit-ups trends extends the 15th pattern carry type on the back

Action: Tighten up abdomen, extend ligament of the ministry that pull a leg and rachis.

The 16th type cobra type

Action: Make rachis maintains the health of rich flexibility, improve all sorts of backache and slighter rachis loss. Organ of breed of this type opposite also has profit. It still can adjust menstruation maladjusted reach all sorts of female function are maladjusted. Strong deltoid, inclined square flesh, humerus 2 flesh.

The seventeenth type locust type

Action: Make more blood flow to rachis area, alimentary rachis nerve, strengthen next back and lumbar muscle. Beneficial also to bladder of digestion down to and prostate.

The 18th style is whole locust type

Action: Have same effect with cobra type, bend type, able-bodied waist, abdomen, the upper arm reachs ham muscle. Complete locust type still can alleviate, eliminate insomnia even disease, right asthmatic, bronchitic with kidney function maladjusted also have very good improvement action.

The 19th type bend type

Action: Want muscle of able-bodied whole body, gong Shi is admirable pose. It makes back, bosom, abdominal muscle gets strengthening, coxa ministry, shoulder ministry and joint get relaxation, muscle of predestined relationship of leg, arm, larynx, neck, jaw gets extend is mixed entirely strengthen. Back sarcous increases, the ache that can eliminate as a result of exhaustion generation and inflexible.

The 20th type lies heroic type

Action: Have certain curative effect to sciatica, gouty, rheumatism, eliminate ham redundant and adipose, strengthen crus muscle, extend pull down back, knee joint, ankle.

The 21st type half chelonian type

Action: Make the body sufficient loosen, improve dyspeptic symptom, beneficial lung, let more blood flow to cerebrum, make thinking more nimble.

The 22nd type camel type

Action: Be helpful for digesting, excrete, reproductive system, extend is strong rachis. Alleviate, eliminate constipation, backache, lumbago, correct prolapse of bow-backed, double shoulder undesirable attitude. Extend abdomen viscera, the gland other shape of laryngeal, thyroid, armour, patulous thorax, beneficial lung, reduce waist, abdomen redundant and adipose.

The 23rd type bunny type

Action: Utmost extend rachis, alimentary rachis nerve, preserve the flexibility of rachis and flexibility, promote digest, cure catchs a cold.

The 24th thin leg and double leg head touch knee type

Action: Extend is sciatic, ankle, knee joint, hip joint, the digestive function of stimulative intestines and stomach, improve nephritic function.

Rachis of the 25th type twist type

Action: Extend, loosen rachis. Loosen waist, back, shoulder, neck the muscle of each place group, precautionary waist, back is aching. Stimulative bowel wriggles, be helpful for excreting with absorb.

Thunder of the 26th type sits inspiratory type

Action: Drop body temperature, extend, loosen abdominal viscera, promoteForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
Loop, strong abdominal muscle, cut waistline.

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