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Grow stout can appear after the age with arrived certain when people, so when gain flesh most the abdomen that the place that gains flesh first is him, the people that often needs to sitting to handle official bussiness especially more it is easy above abdomen the flesh of go to live in the household of one’s in-laws on getting married with overmuch accumulation, such word can make the figure that gets his is not so beautiful it seems that, some moment can feel oneself too too overstaffed, the most important what still can endanger oneself is healthy, of this place adipose very close from oneself heart place, appear very easily disease of a few hearts.

Decrease the movement of abdomen gem gal

Establish a system proneness

Look seem simple motion, it is comprehensive drawing actually, ministry of back line, arm, bosom, abdomen, leg, the motion of systemic sex.

Measure 1: Double foot nature is apart, be the same as with the shoulder wide, double arm is put in back to pull straight, with ground parallel, 10 point to buckle closely.

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Bow, bosom slowly stand by double leg, both hands from hind raise upper part, wholeLove Shanghai newly to be opposite with the cityFall in love with the sea

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The process should keep erect, the upper part of the body plays detective as far as possible, feel the drawing of back, abdomen wants engulf abdomen, do not rouse, feel hurried sense of breath.

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Measure 3: Want to achieve the utmost of own body, after holding 5 breath, put down both hands, slowly erect have a body, but want avoid by all means not to pass fierce. Can undertake a few make a round trip more.

Carry a wall on the back to press a leg

Measure 1: cushion 50% discount, add thick, lest be hurt patellar, right leg kneels down, knee is propped up go up in cushion, strong point is apart from wall 20CM, right sole unbend, break up on, toe is touched on the wall.

Measure 2: Left leg forwardly bends, left foot is propped up forcibly, buttock following is pressed, until feel hip joint is in get drawing.

Measure 3: Left hand is put on left leg, right hand across, the upper part of the body is erect, receive abdomen upcountry, the upper part of the body up drawing, hold 5 breath, slowly put down leg ministry, change left leg to repeat an exercise next.

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movement, because oneself are in Lian Yuga when oneself abdominal meeting bears very great power, such word can have the effect with certain adipose combustion, just cannot exert oneself to do sth. quite too too fierce, otherwise if can make oneself abdominal appear the feeling of a few ache, should the body oneself just can do such exercise after comprehensive drawing.

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