Japanese SquareEnix announces formally yesterday to will roll out PS4 exclusive game 2017 ” final illusion 12HD: 12 palace century ” , this making is PS2 platform big reputable reputable ” final illusion 12 ” the work of high-definition evolution, american SquareEnix also released pertinent information today, affirmatory still meeting exhibits those who offer this making to try in E3 game play edition.

Like Japanese area, beautiful edition PS4 ” final illusion 12HD: 12 palace century ” also will appear on the market 2017, because day of ounce has been collected to plant in day edition,perhaps be of speech reason, because this develops the work,can not increase a lot of.

Besides the information that published yesterday, in the press release of American SquareEnix, the PS4 that this company still affirms this ” final illusion 12HD: 12 palace century ” will join adjudgement mode, the player will be in this mode fight continuously with strange animal 100.

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