Last week 5, netease game on 2016 year news briefing, netease and the country that are proud world hall combines research and development war strategy hand swims ” balefire king division ” ( IOS leaves measure date exposure, IOS on this year formal on June 1 a hair, install Zhuo Ye to will meet with the player in June.

Netease issues De Wei of chief inspector Zheng, link interviews to divulge after the news briefing ” balefire king division ” IOS is fair measure time: Channel test ended at the beginning of this month, a hair date of IOS be in surely on June 1. Doing final burnish at present, meet formally with the player next month.

This SLG work, country battle atmosphere dense, the game world outlook of particular better troops and simpler administration weighs politic, light construction, heavy dilate, light plunder, held to be proud the marrow of SLG of world hall old brand. Classical country war plays a way, daily and fixed time issues order, the player cooperates each other, attack and defence city, different map, blast model, fierce general, derive distinctive additional kind of tactics, borrow arms, alliance, real time make a decision, tactics is unpredicatable, special burn a brain. Compare game of traditional SLG of subject matter of the Three Kingdoms, ” balefire king division ” more agile and changeful strategy lets add up to Zong Lianheng to provide a challenge more, war devises clever strategies mediumly, between advance and retreat of gain and loss, true and reductive the war strategy with due war of the Three Kingdoms.

As ” take cities and seize territory ” companion volume, besides the instant country war of come down in one continuous line, carbon of auxiliary exploit a list of names posted up, gut plays a way etc, arena also is worth to expect. Game undertook more delicate adjustment in respect of numeric, UI, made great efforts in place of a lot of detail, the a bit sees drive. ” balefire king division ” balance sex is very outstanding, can saying on the experience is the students surpasses the teacher.

The player that likes politic athletics welcomes June experience for a short while. This fair measure welfare great, official for a special purpose prepared ceremony of a person of extraordinary powers of 8 heavy sales promotion, for Zhu Jun free of as much as one likes plays, play to one’s heart’s contently.

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