Recently, a group of draw are nodded by netizen transmit in succession on small gain assist, nevertheless, most those who make person Jing colourful is, actually a 90 undergraduates after come out this group of work with ball-pen picture. To this, a lot of netizens express genuflect.

It is reported, the author of the picture is called Shi Xin, a be university of water and electricity of China north irrigation works big 4 students, he what was born 1993 is a model 90 hind, like street dance, like music, travel also is holiday necessary.

And the experience that he learns to draw, also just just 6 years of time, make a picture as to ball-pen, it is oneself interest completely, had not accepted professional guidance.

In Shi Xin’s paint, the brushwork of ball-pen held huge one part, it is for the word that uses him: Ball-pen picture is to me exercise staying power not 2 choices, at the same time I also very the process that enjoys picture ball-pen to draw. Because I think ball-pen picture is all pictures,plant one of li of painterly forms that provide artistic attainment most, so I all the time very strokes of favour Yu Yuanzhu.

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