Herd, namely the meaning; dirt of regnant, director, namely subcelestial, human society. Mu Chen this name, it is the meaning of regnant this world originally. Ideal world hand in hand the dazzle of 3D float sky that giant silkworm potato makes meticulously fights a hand to swim ” big dictate of the whole people ” , now first to everybody exposure the boundless universe Mu Chen of the first male god. Super- strong erupt, go against day of output, for the player of battle of close to liking body, charge forward, ” big dictate of the whole people ” in the limit explodes hairstyle Mu Chen is them not 2 choices.

As the first male god of the be worthy of in the novel, mu Chen rises from boreal clever institute, all the way can weighs a beauty countless. God of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces a group of things with common features the Wen Qingxuan of Li of empress the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces, sexy nobility, charming is spruce but the person’s Tang Qian, be opposite in succession he fragrant heart is dark make. Heroes of such a teenager, besides armed strength ruse, yan Zhi nature also is to have assure. In ” big dictate of the whole people ” the hand swims in, one banquet flower establishs Mu Chen angrily neckline gown, the black white with extremely strong antagonism fastens joint of photograph of as complex as his one’s life experience, cooperate to be full of a metal to pledge the manipulator of feeling is covered, highlight Mu Chen the battle maniac attribute of young warm blood. Be worth what carry is, the big design pulling end of herd dirt backside, the process is fought in float air battle can with the wind flying, the mark sex characteristic when also forming Mu Chen to fight so.

Column of the old magic that need cover is ” big dictate ” of novel hero Mu Chen exclusive weapon, it is remote antiquity lethal weapon originally, embedded and boundless fierce evil spirit gas, be by herd dirt seal after inside body, it is one of his top-secret battle force. Be in ” big dictate of the whole people ” in, mu Chen is exclusive the weapon is reincarnate unique bully system technical ability is fierce evil spirit force, besides 10s inapproachable outside bully body time, still have the harm pattern that float sky and ground differ two sets. Choose the enemy fly to after sky is medium, call is bungled below column of the old magic that need cover can cause multistage harm; and use in the ground, column of the old magic that need cover inserts call on the ground to be able to form a standard blast, form big range blow to enemy area.

” big dictate of the whole people ” culminating abstruse justice the massacre of large surplus of uncanny technical ability that skill chose mother of the Mu Chen in the novel to stay definitely, after bid farewell of large surplus massacre repairs refine to be become greatly, with large surplus Tu Dawei symbolizes. In game, this one skill can cause a large number of harm to the enemy inside full screen limits, break next terminative foes in tower of massacre of float of last hour call. Depend on large surplus massacre definitely, mu Chen can undertake in the battle remote attack, quan Bing AOE is harmed, need not close body with respect to enemy of can comfortable victory.

As strong output part, a variety of skill collocation can be without Mu Chen idle is outputted continuously. Thor posture moves to be close to quickly, dragon vacates art to have hand float air personally nearly, of demon column power tall injury is terminative, each are enrolled repeatedly can sky of float of utmost ground play is cruel the power that knock, let the enemy be without the force of strike back. ” big dictate of the whole people ” offer 8 old mastery of a skill or technique, can choose 3 skill freedom to combine every time, make along with the heart exclusive float empty ability.

The boundless universe, 10 thousand are contended for sharp edge, I is big dictate. Dazzle of sky of float of ideal world 3D fights a hand to swim ” big dictate of the whole people ” , make a player reincarnate in the novel the first male advocate Mu Chen, explode high tall injury, ultimate float is empty, come the real action between a man!

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