California big United States (Great America) pleasure ground is 4D now ” quality effect ” the tourist attraction released a new propagandist video. Before the basis authoritative information, this is one calls quality effect: The brigade of the Jing Song of new world, be called to be the brigade with holographic 4D. So the government so what meaning is flicker after all? The video below watchs in light of.

It is in video so say: Welcome everybody to take the quality effect of pleasure ground of California big United States: New world, here everybody can become a searcher. If you are enough the word of bravery, prepare a be personally on the scene please, span the brigade with the holographic 4D of the galaxy.

According to official Twitter description, tourist attraction of this quality effect still has the biggest 3D LED on the world to display screen, spring is open this year. In addition, the former word when be being announced the earliest in September 2015 according to the government, this second itinerary will bring first visitor kind experience, in taking the setting in series game and part reality, come.

Passengers will be ascended use feeling seat, wear 3D glasses, do not have with vision of 3D of second for generations seam interactive. Besides using feeling seat, this itinerary still have high-tech acoustics and other 4D effect.

In fact the pleasure ground of the 2nd game that this is EA, besides ” quality effect ” outside, still have ” corpse of plant big fight ” park of theme of 3D game experience, book this year spring blocks start business of Luo Laina state in American north.

Actually besides EA, other firm also rolled out park of theme of the game below the banner. Ren Tiantang ever cooperated with round-the-world theme park 2015, and Yo green jade is to be in what Malaysia builds him ” assassin credo ” and ” mad bunny ” thematic park.

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