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method, between training course, if cannot undertake the use of a few normal abdominal power, at that time if was used hind lumbar force, not only the effect that does not have to exercise abdominal muscle, cause lumbar occurrence ache easily instead, can affect the action of training, the loss that still can cause a few accidents is waited a moment, in this the respect must notice somewhat.

Roll the waist after how the abdomen avoids sends force

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Next back stick the ground

Roll the back below celiac demand sticks the ground, cannot leave the ground, need to go up only back furls from the ground. Have partial disciplinarian for a better abdomen, the overly when often taking exercise furls the body, bring about whole back to leave the ground, issue back so namely hind the waist can share hair power, the waist after causing is aching, also huge is abate exercise the effect.

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Many disciplinarian train the effect best to achieve, often coil the abdomen can accomplish force exhaust. But such practice, can bring about the waist after be being used when abdominal muscle exhaustion is faint to send force however, what take exercise and can not change is better. Accordingly, when doing an abdomen, can stop to train after abdominal muscle sends force slacken.

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Roll the waist after how the abdomen avoids sends force

Roll how does the abdomen avoid a neck to send force

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, roll the power that the mistake that can make often returns to use a neck namely in the abdomen furls the body, this practice weakened training effect not only likewise, still meet huge harm is cervical. When doing an abdomen, also ought to note the following point, send force in order to avoid a neck:

1. cannot hold a head in the arms to pull: Both hands holds a head in the arms to drag a body is the mistake that a lot of people often make, this weakens abdominal muscle to exercise the effect not only, return cervical vertebra of can great harm. The means of settlement is handle is put before the bosom or by ear.

The neck when 2. drops cannot stick the ground completely: Roll the neck when the abdomen lays down and ground joint, when rising lend strength easily to neck, still can bring about neck ache, vertebral get hurt.

Roll the waist after how the abdomen avoids sends force

Roll can celiac training hurt a waist

Doing an abdomen won’t hurt a waist. A right celiac movement it is to go up back leaves the ground, next back namely the waist does not leave the ground, lumbar won’t suffer an effect, do an abdomen to won’t hurt a waist so.

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