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The element that brings about uterine prolapse is very much, if be a healthy person, skip won’t bring about uterine prolapse. Just think, if be only the uterus that skip can let a person is flagging, so the spring that a few track men want to have very great strength everyday takes exercise, not be each metropolis uterus is flagging ah! Actually, uterine prolapse is a kind of disease, this kind of disease is caused belowFall in love with the sea

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Can skip cause uterine prolapse really

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? Female uterus prolapse is by what the reason causes: Childbirth causes palace neck, palace neck advocate organization of the support after the injury of ligament and uterine Di ligament and childbirth fails to return to normal for main reason. In occupying patient of prolapse of 2504 uteruses of Jinan city, 1 ~ 3 produce the person that happen to occupy 58.21% . In addition, puerperium puerpera much happy event lies on his back, and easy intercurrent and chronic retention of urine, after the uterus is become easily, uterine axis and vaginal axis direction are consistent, when encountering celiac pressing to increase, the uterus drops along vaginal direction namely and produce prolapse. Postpartum habit crouchs type to work (if wash diaper, wash dish to wait) , can make abdomenLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Pressure increase, make uterine prolapse. Not the person that the puerpera produces uterine prolapse, the department sustains constituent growth because of genital official undesirable be caused by.

? The female must take uterine prolapse seriously, because serious uterine prolapse is met,the influence is pregnant. After the uterus but drawing palace neck is forward upper part becomes warped, palace neck1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Point to the wall before the vagina, make the mouth outside palace neck is showing tower above to vault after the seminal pool of Long, make the spermatozoon inside seminal pool cannot enter palace neck canal smoothly, conception comes true hard of course.

? Pass the introduction above, friends had certain knowledge to the pathogeny of uterine prolapse. Here wants to notice, although say skip won’t bring about uterine prolapse, but if suffer from uterine prolapse,this is planted disease, should not be engaged in comparing acuteness athletic sports later so, skip moves this kind can be done, but when doing time cannot too long, intensity cannot too big. Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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