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To the youth, sleep late very common. Perhaps evening of your even if sleeps one day, the following day psychosis is met special how terrible, and the person that stay up late often feels1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Arrive tired, even the mood is low, easy be agitated, so don’t 3 days sleep can you become what kind of? Allegedly, 3 days of people that do not have a thing may feel starve and faint. Don’t 3 days of 3 night sleep can you become an utterly worthless person?

3 days do not sleep meeting how

Successive after 24 hours do not sleep

No matter be to stem from what reason, 24 hours do not sleep, spirit meets the likelihood more excited, see the invigorative head with what extraordinary thing, is then this why? Because,basically be of cerebrum brimNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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The system is stimulated, be called through a kind much cling to the material of amine will complement Morpheus, and this kinds many cling to amine can deliver excitement, and if the time of Morpheus inadequacy cannot be used enough much cling to if amine will complement, can appear so memory drops wait for a phenomenon. So a person does not sleep 24 hours continuously, likelihood it is malty that we can feel this individual resembles wine.

3 days do not sleep meeting how

Successive after 48 hours do not sleep

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If a person does not sleep 48 hours continuously, so the rational eye of immune system of the person and person can be lost, this moment person may appear the phenomenon of abracadabra, operational ability of the person also will extinct, this moment person can feel exceeding exhaustion. A bit energy also is done not have.

3 days do not sleep meeting how

Successive after 72 hours do not sleep

If a person is successive,72 sales do not sleepShanghai nobleLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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If becoming aware, may appear psychedelic, the absentminded perhaps thing that sees a few exist far from, right now person should need, if continue not to sleep, consequence is adv unimaginably really.

Consider to make clear, a person does not sleep to be able to hold to 11 days actually continuously! Yes, it is 11 days! But this is the experiment of an extreme only, everybody must not feel now and then staying up late is not what big question, if the word of if things go on like this, can cause very great harm to your body, and also have certain effect to your immune force, consider to make clear, in the evening the person of hour of sack time 6-8, live lesser than those sack time the age is longly at the person of this time, andFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Healthy also.

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