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Firedrake fruit is to slip again tender delicious, very exquisite and pulp is not sweet, among them candy cent is particularly pure also natural, this present moment is the season with particularly big wind, whiff is easy outside the likelihood bring about people to cough 10 days half month is good not, need comes through eating a few fruits slowly alleviate, firedrake fruit eating during for instance a lot of people cough is possible, firedrake fruit can alleviate effectively really cough, dredge intestines and stomach, eliminate virus, eliminate inflammation.

 Cough eats firedrake fruit

Can darling cough eat firedrake fruit

Firedrake fruit weighs Qing Longguo again, originate in Sino-US and intertropical area formerly, firedrake fruit nutrition exceeds other fruit far, it contains rich plant sex albumin and cyanine element, nutrition is rich, still have rich vitamin and water-solubility board thread.

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Contain the plant sex albumin with general rare plant and cyanine element if really. Firedrake fruit sex slants cool, have faint scent of clear pleasant, weak, cool, gas. Qing Dynasty is hot, embellish lung relieves a cough. Cure is hot and dry cough, cough blood, neck is scrofulous. The bine treats parotitis, hernia, carbuncle sore swollen poison. So darling wind heats up a cold to be able to eat.

How to pick firedrake fruit

1, the color that sees firedrake fruit. Firedrake fruit can divide it is 3 kinds: Flesh of Pi Bai of white firedrake Guo Zigong, petty black seed distributings among them, fresh food is qualitative generalShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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. Red meat of red skin of prosperous dragon fruit, it is better that fresh food pledges. Plain boiled pork of wampee of yellow firedrake fruit, fresh food is qualitative optimal. Red meat is the most delicious, the comparison of basically red meat is round, plain boiled pork is more elliptical.

 Cough eats firedrake fruit

The face of firedrake fruit is redder, those who explain firedrake fruit is ripe is better. Green part wants bright, otherwise withered and yellow explain firedrake fruit is not fresh.

2, the weight of fruit of firedrake of weigh in hand of weigh in hand. When picking firedrake fruit, want to be weighed in the hand more, take a few to be compared one time more, carry the heaviest the heaviest firedrake fruit, firedrake fruit is heavier, represent juice much, pulp is plump, buy level of hand of the application when firedrake fruit soSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Balance the weight of every firedrake fruit, choose what weigh more to had been jumped over.

3, the appearance according to firedrake fruit. Carry firedrake fruit to want to choose plump, a few shorter, do not choose thin and long, in that way not sweet, moisture is little, not delicious.

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4, the degree that matures according to firedrake fruit. Do not choose ripe passed, or too unripe, not deliciousShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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. Can use handle gently to be held gently, by, if fruit of firedrake of very soft specification is ripe,passed; If very hard, by do not move, explain firedrake fruit is very unripe still. Those who choose soft hard moderate is best.

 Cough eats firedrake fruit

5, the skin that sees firedrake fruit is spent glossily. When picking firedrake fruit, if its skin is smoother, the specification is fresher, pulp can be jumped overFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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6, the root department that visits firedrake fruit. Before picking firedrake fruit whether does the root ministry that observes it carefully first have decay, department of fresh and delicious firedrake fruit root should not have decay.

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