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Natural labor is pattern of the female’s most traditional a kind of childbirth, give unripe infantile body native to natural labor is being used for the femaleA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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It is better to pledge, take care of more easily. But, this kind of natural childbirth way meets natural labor bring greater anguish to the female. Cause female opposite Yo to produce scared feeling. And bring about the body easily still peculiar etc, for example, vulva gall is common phenomenon. How does gall of the vulva after natural labor looks below do?

How does gall of the vulva after natural labor do?

The puerpera that postpartum vulva gall basically is natural childbirth is born in the baby when, the vagina should achieve the oldest rateShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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outspread, this kind of outspread meeting lets the musculature near the vagina get drag in, puerpera but the appearance that musculature is injured and causes vulva gall.

How does gall of the vulva after natural labor do?
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How should vulva gall do

1, warm water cleans: Postpartum and OK undertake cleaning to the vulva of gall with Wen Shui, doctor and nurse can tell you specific how should undertake cleaning. If say the word with apparent gall also can use glacial apply alleviate, take out a few ice cube from freezer, with last velar package is nice, next a few softer towel on outer biscuit, undertake glacial apply to the place of vulva gall, dividing vulva gall to disappear also is very helpful.

How does gall of the vulva after natural labor do?

2, medicine of subsidence of a swelling: If say vulva1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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If gall is particularly apparent, can use appropriately medication, but to sensitive place must fall in the doctor’s guidance with medicine undertake, cannot use drug with privately, alleviate slowly with medicine of a few gentle subsidence of a swelling as far as possible, postpartum restoring is a more lengthy process, not too impatient.

3, the cushion that chooses softness: Postpartum mom need is added more rest, should sitShanghai night net

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The cushion pad that uses a softness had better be when fall in the buttock, in order to alleviate the muscle of gall place is nervous.

4, do a few exercise appropriately: What the motion that says here points to is the motion that is helpful for promoting pubic organization to restore, accelerate haemal loop, the musculature that when the help labors naturally, can injure so restores as soon as possible. Tighten up pudenda and anus for example, loosen slowly again next, everyLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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The day can repeat do a few times, accomplish slowly muscle is loosened, insisting to do the circumstance to vulva gall to alleviate is very helpful.

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