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Although fall,the medicaments of blood pressure can alleviate effectively the hypertensive illness that exists on patient body, but take for a long time fall blood pressure medicaments or the body that meet pair of patients cause side effect. Because need not fall too much,losing taste, inappetence to wait for instance is the consequence that place of blood pressure medicaments causes. And if the patient’s blood pressure has arrivedLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Constant level, can stop to take at that time fall blood pressure medicaments, but stop to take fall what is the standard of blood pressure medicaments?

Hypertension stays medical level

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Can drug stop after blood pressure falls

Divide certain after spending hypertension gently to stop drug still tenability is normal outside blood pressure, all should not be stop drug, answer to insist for a long time to take drug, maintain blood pressure stability.

2. takes depressor for a long time, can protect the main internal organs of the body such as heart, head, kidney, reduce undesirable incident to happen, bring down mortality:

3. is reduced like blood pressure to ideal level, can reduce medicaments dosage or sort stage by stage below doctor guidance:

Hypertension stays medical level

Of hypertensive patient decrease medicine and the principle that stop drug

Our country sends sexual hypertension to occupy the 95% above of all hypertensive patient formerly. Because former hair sex is hypertensive the reason is unidentified, so lack effects a radical cure in the light of what the pathogeny undertakes remedial plan, medicationing actively is pair of disease processing measure only, it is normal to control and stabilize blood pressure to be in level, but this does not mean hypertensive disease to had been cured, the blood pressure after often stopping drug regains the level to the front of taking drug again. Those who change character, at present hypertensive disease still cannot be cured thoroughly, can rely on rational therapy to make hypertensive patient in spite of illness is delayed only year. To make sure blood pressure is normal, the patient needs to take medicine for long to maintain commonly treatLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Generally speaking, the basic principle that the depressor of hypertensive disease decreases a quantity to should abide by is: Maintain blood pressure to be in an appropriate level the time of at least 1 year of above, accuseFall in love with the sea

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Make blood pressure stability be after an appropriate level, insist to adjust life behavior, if be restricted,salt, motion reachs the measure such as control weight. Here the principle falls, can sort of depressor of drop off of take into consideration the circumstances and dosage. As a child dosage begins, reduce blood pressure smoothly. The sort that use drug much or the amount is large person, appropriate grading reduces an amount gradually. Vigilance of senile hypertensive patient is in as a result of depressor content the action that the save up inside body may enhance step-down, beware even reduce depressor dosage and appear hypertensive phenomenon. Stopping drug is the extreme circumstance that depressor reduces an amount. The following 3 kinds of hypertensive patients are OK depressor of out of service:

The first, through cure, blood pressure controls well-content hypertensive patient, and treat time shorter (5 years in) patient, can consider to be decreased stage by stage medicine and even stop drug. If stop drug already successfully 1 year, hypertensive disease did not have a relapse, the specification can stop drug. But hypertensive patient still must hold to motion after stopping drug, be restricted smoke of salt, give up, be restricted the blame medicaments sex such as wine precautionary measures.

The 2nd, blood pressure ascendant extent is lesser, if diastolic pressure is low at 85 millimeter mercuric column, contractive depress at 145 millimeter mercuric column, and do not haveFall in love with the sea

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Have the hypertensive patient of coronary heart disease, diabetic complication, can medicaments of step-down of out of service, convert lifestyle interpose method controls blood pressure. Lifestyle interpose shows salt intake strict control is in daily 6 grams are the following, daily undertake cantering, ball kind or swim oxygen moves 45 minutes, and smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline, accuse wine, wait for biology feedback method to loosen intense sentiment to wait through result of preserve one’s health. Hypertensive patient is in during stopping drug, still need to measure blood pressure repeatedly, best and daily measure, when be like blood pressure to appear without apparent inducement to rise quickly, should continue to take medicaments.

Hypertension stays medical level

The 3rd, to been find out ” the root cause of illness or trouble ” patient of semiotic sex hypertension, patient of tumour of cell of B of if thyroid function hyperfunction, kidney is arterial narrow, pancreas islet, after the primary affection is cured can medicaments of step-down of out of service.

Altogether, of hypertensive patient decrease medicine and stop medicine to must be below close monitoring of the doctor and guidance careful ground undertakes, after stopping drug, should continue to measure blood pressure regularly, 10 thousand cannot be eager to hope for success, cursory act.

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