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If there is the family of darling in the home, should have a few fish to darling more, and come to fish bone winkle as far as possible when having a fish, such ability can avoid darling effectively to be blocked by fish bone guttural. Because the fish regards a kind of protein content as very fast food, can promote darling body development and intellectual growth. The soup that boil a fish is OK the nutrient value the fish is significant with blend in Shang Zhong, when giving what the baby boils piscine boiling water soSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Await how should make?

How is infantile fish soup boiled

The practice of soup of fish of boiled in clear soup

Raw material:

1, a 650 grams control fresh carp;

2, clear water bean curd 250 grams;

3, peanut oil;

4, a few of cooking wine, salt.


1, the carp goes scale, splanchnic.

2, bean curd stripping and slicing, as far as possible thick and big.

3, iron bowl enters oil, burn heat. Already abluent, and drop does the carp of water portion put into boiler, two sides decoct is yellow.

4, after carp decoct is good, enter clear water, water is in 5 centimeters probably from boiler edge canForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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5, conflagration leaves to boiler, put ready bean curd place, cooking wine and salt.

6. adds gallinaceous essence and flour, flavour sweeter

Note, on a bit flour is wrapped to be able to go before carp decoct fishy smell.

How is infantile fish soup boiled

Practice of darling fish soup

Soup of fish of Gorgon fruit crucian carp: Can fill gas, be good at kidney of lienal, solid. Agree with the children that weak, inappetence, defecate does not move taste or general children are daily edible, can enhance taste function.


1, with Gorgon fruit yam of 15 grams, Henan fish of 15 grams, crucian carp 1 treaty 150 grams.

2, crucian carp fish goes scale, branchial reach splanchnic, inside iron bowl with a few cooking oil decoct comes flaxen, be the same as with Gorgon fruit, yam nextNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Put earthenware pot inside, add Bao of right amount clear water 1 hour, flavor with salt, can edible.

How is infantile fish soup boiled

Soup of Chinese flowering quince of crucian carp fish

Material: Crucian carp fishFall in love with the sea

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600 grams Chinese flowering quince makes an appointment with two treaty 600 grams ginger teaspoon of 5 saline 1/2 3 grams boiled water 1800 milliliter

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A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

Fish of 1) crucian carp goes scale, purify is splanchnic, after be being cleaned clean, obliterate with kitchen paper towel moisture, lest be when decoct fish, oily beautiful chaos is splashed in one’s hand.

2) will go to nuclear flay after papaya is abluent, change a knife to cut 2cm thick piece, ginger flay section.

Oil is entered in 3) frying pan, wait for oil 7 when becoming heat, put crucian carp fish, simmer in water of surface of positive and negative comes small yellow, enter boiled water instantly, not be cold water, otherwise no matter piscine soup is boiled through many long Bao, the color of soup won’t become ivory.

4) pours what fish and soup take care into a largish boiler, issue Jiang Pian and Chinese flowering quince, small fire turns after conflagration boil, bao of the cap on the lid 1 hour, salt is added to flavor before edible can.

Above is the practice about soup of fish of darling crucian carp be what kind of introduce. What need reminds here is, the nutrition of soup of crucian carp fish is rich, but to very little baby, still do not suit very much, be in only can eat complementary below the circumstance that feed, ability gives soup of crucian carp fish to drink. In addition, after darling can drink boiling water of crucian carp fish, had better be to cooperate other soup drink, those who assure darling is all ready.

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