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Black soya bean is a kind of more familiar bean products in our life, because its nutrient value ratio is higher, still can rise to fall the effect of blood pressure1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Dish when adding a few black soya bean also can be flavour, besides, when boiling congee, we also can add bean, congee of lotus seed lily is commonner, so can be lily of lotus seed of black soya bean boiled together?

 Is lily of lotus seed of black soya bean boiled together

Lotus seed of lily of black soya bean has lung of filling kidney, embellish, Ning Xinan’s magical effect and effect.

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Pleasant of flavour of black soya bean, sex is smooth, avirulent. Have induce sweat Qing Dynasty hot, raise blood smooth liver, filling kidney is strong shade, filling empty is black the effect of hair. Li Shizhen says: “Black soya bean enters kidney meritorious service much, reason can prevent floods by water control, disappear bilges, leave energy of life, “

 Is lily of lotus seed of black soya bean boiled together

Lily has lung of the embellish that raise shade, qing Xinan’s magical effect. Use at deficiency of yin with irritability long cough, phlegmy in carry blood, empty is irritated horrified, insomnious much dream, absentminded.

Lotus seed has Qing Xinan god, be good at lienal the effect that raises a stomach.

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Food method is as follows:

1, lily, lotus seed, black soya bean is cleaned clean, immerse clear water 2 hours.

2, black soya bean, lotus seed, lily is put down together, add right amount clear water.

3, probably Bao 1-2 hour, according to oneself mouthfeel, add agitate of right amount white sugar, rock candy even, stew ten minutes can edible.

 Is lily of lotus seed of black soya bean boiled together

The seed of Job’s tears is disappear water goes swollen, ormosia also has this effect, black soya bean is filling kidney, lotus seed lily can enter lung. Akin color is put boil togetherNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Had better, do not put one case. It is better to if these medicamentses are put together,boil congee to drink the effect, often can take.

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