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Flax seed oil appeared on market in recent years, likelihood the nutrient value with fat to flax seed people is not very clear. But the give an extravagantly colourful description that the businessman says the nutrient result of flax seed oil, we do not know how to undertake distinguishing, actually flax seed oil is a kind of very good oil is tasted really, but what say without the businessman is so magical, we ourselves should be judged somewhat. So, what does the nutrient value of flax seed oil have?

The nutrient value of flax seed oil

Rou Liangze of 1. skin charming

Improve the skin adipose content, make skin more young slippery, moist, softness is bouncy, make skin breath and platoon sweat normal at the same time, ease a variety of skin problems.

2. reduces weight

Can use up the body redundant and adipose, it is health law reducing weight.

3. improves the syndrome before female classics

Have the case of the syndrome before a lot of female classics, for example dysmenorrhoea, after the symptom was having new flax seed oil everyday, disappear completely, need to cooperate of course vitaminic reach mineral.

4. promotion resists pressure

The harmful biochemistry of generation of 3 the place when can reducing force of body press press learns Ou Miga corporeal influence, stabilize a mood, maintain quiet state of mind, reduce melancholia and insomnious disease.

5. eases allergic reaction

3 conduce reduce Ou Miga allergic1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Reaction, but want to reorganize as a result of whole body, should need allergic comb-out a paragraph longer, more the nutrition that wants comprehensive sex is auxiliary.

The nutrient value of flax seed oil

6. reduces asthma

Edible can reduce asthmatic show effect apparently after a few days.

7. improves arthritis

Forum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
The experiment proves, 3 pairs of cure reach Ou Miga prevent arthritis to have great effect. Patient of 60% rheumatism arthritis accepts Ou Miga 3 after reaching 6 fatty acid to treat, can of steroid of blame of dead stop edible fight phlogistic medicaments, and have 20% additionally but second fight blame steroid phlogistic medicaments halve.

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. Improve an organ to organize inflammation

Ou Miga prevents an organ 3 pairs to organize inflammation to have very great help, include meningitis, tendon among them phlogistic, quinsy, gastritis, ileum phlogistic, colonitis, arteritis, phlebitis, photograph protect gland phlogistic, kidney phlogistic, milt phlogistic, hepatitis, pancreas is dirty phlogistic, otitis, still have tinea and wound.

9. reduces cholesterol

Ou Miga 3 in can reducing blood high cholesterol 25% reach fat of 3 acerbity glycerine 65% , will redundant low density cholesterol (LDL) change becomes system of cholic acid eduction outside.

Bear of heart of 10. bring down

Can reduce high blood pressure, reduce hematic fat content, raise the level of not saturated fatty acid at the same time, improve haemal chroma, the stickiness of bring down blood, maintain haemal liquidity, prevent hemal block to reach concerned disease. In addition, can prevent blood to condense, precaution is apoplectic (heart head artery jams) , heart disease (heart artery jams) , embolism of lobar arteries and veins (lung artery jams) reach hemal surface disease (namely jaundice sore) .

11. improves backwater disease

Help kidney excludes sodium and water share. Cancer of the syndrome before backwater disease appears in the overweight, classics of some kind of ankle strut, case normally, later period and heart blood-vessel disease.

12. improves kidney functionForum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net

Ou Miga 3 adjust prostate element1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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(Prostaglandin) , stimulative liver, pancreas and milt are secreted, make body metabolization is run normal.

The nutrient value of flax seed oil

13. improves constipation

Improve alvine dirty function, increase absorb ability, the peristaltic capacity that increases bowel makes defecate normal, reduce constipation.

14. promotes cellular health

Improve the water portion of cellular film and flexibility, increase cellular breath and nutrient exchange function, strengthen soma to repair reach heal capacity, make a cell healthy, opportunity of bring down carninomatosis.

15. stimulative mind is quick

Increase cerebral ministry to deliver medium (Neurotransmitter) , strengthen function of cerebral ministry activity, your head ministry carriesA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Make more effective, study ponders over ability much better.

16. is energetic

Balance and improvement quantity of body blood sugar, make you have energy more. Also can increase sarcous durable power, fatigue muscle is faster after can making move more restitute.

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