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Mango is the fruit that a lot of people love to eat, mango contains a lot ofelement of a lot of kinds of nutrition, mango is great to the advantage of human body, mango can extract juice to drink, also can eat directly, the flavour Gan Tian of mango is delicate, a lot of people do not know mango to contain do not contain vitamin C, the fruit that contains vitamin C has a lot of, for instance citric, sweet melon, the fruit such as peach, does mango contain vitamin C? Next we look.

Does mango contain vitamin C?

One. Does mango contain vitamin C?

Mango contains vitamin C, great majority fruit contains vitamin C.

2. Which kinds of food contains vitamin C

1, lemon

Lemon is one of fruits that there is officinal value most on the world, it contains a lot ofglucoside of acid of acid of vitamin C, saccharide, calcic, phosphor, iron, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, nicotinic acid, quinine, citric acid, apple, orange peel, shaddock to estimate potassium element and small amount essence of Pi Gan, spicy beans, high sodium yuan1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Element, very beneficial to human body.

2, mango

Value of mango fructification nutrition is extremely high, vitamin A content is as high as 3.8% . The content of vitamin C also exceeds orange Piao strawberry. Mango contains the nutrient part such as candy Piao protein and iron of Piao of calcic Piao phosphor, all be human body place to need.

3, honey melon

The B with this rich fruit a group of things with common features compound vitamin also hasForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Very good health care effect, vitamin C is helpful for human body resisting infection, and mineral manganese can serve as fight oxidation enzymatic exceed oxide branch to change cooperate with enzymaticly composition.

4, orange

Orange contains a lot ofvitamin C and citric acid, former have hairdressing effect, latter has the pellicle of inside of action; orange that eliminates exhaustion to contain prandial fiber to reach pectic, can promote aperient, and can reduce the tenacity that glucoside of skin of cholesterol; tangerine can strengthen blood capillary, fallShanghai night net

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Blood pressure, outspread cardiac coronary artery, reason orange is the food that prevents coronary heart disease and arteriosclerosis.

5. peach and nectarine contain vitamin C

The vitamin C content of peach relatively apple slightly tall, vitamin C is contained to make an appointment with 10 milligram left and right sides in peach of every 100 grams, potassium 160 milligram of 100 ~ , the mineral content such as Dan Tiehe zinc is not high. Nectarine flesh is apricot yellow color, among them prep above of dry matter content is common peach, and 6. Contain a lot ofcarotene and Potassium.

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Constant rich, often what edible is helpful for us is healthy. Moisture content is contained in 100 grams nectarine 82% , energy 64 kilocalorie, potassium 294 milligram, vitamin C13 milligram, 0.5 milligram control caroteneLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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7. jujube contains vitamin C

Vitamin C is contained a lot ofin the jujube, in the vegetable that all sorts of cultivating and fruit, only the vitamin C content of bright jujube is highest, can amount to above of the 200 milligram in every 100 grams, some tastingFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Kind can amount to 500 milligram above, have ” the king of vitamin C ” beautiful praise.

Does mango contain vitamin C?

3. Take vitamin C contraindication

1. and pork liver at the same time, invalidation. Vitamin C is oxidized very easily to lose active, especially copper, iron is ionic, the speed that can make its oxidize is accelerated on thousandfold. And the content that ion of copper, iron contains in pork liver is very rich, accordingly, vitamin C and pork liver at the same time, can make vitamin C makes other material, and invalidation.

2. cannot with the egg. Milk contain a lot ofvitamin B2 to put food at the same time edible. Vitamin B2 has oxidation reproducibility, and its oxidisability is ambitious at reproducibility. Both coinstantaneous moment, can make not only vitamin C invalidation, and the action that still can affect vitamin B2 to be developed inside body, can saying is ” internecine ” .

Cucumber does not take food in great quantities while 3. takes vitamin C, the vegetable such as carrot, because vitamin C is contained in these vegetable,decompose enzymatic, this kind enzymatic can make vitamin C decompose, do not have effect then.

When 4. smokes use vitamin C less. Although be inside the body of the person that smoke,the content of vitamin C wants under the person that do not smoke, they need complement, but research makes clear, smoking can make the vitamin C in saliva changes character, the material with harmful to human body translate into.

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